December 23 2008 In the Hearts of Americans, a True Home
October 2008 Why I Love America. Why Malaysian exile Anushka Anastasia Solomon loves America.
July 2008 What do you Think of Barack Obama?
April 2008 Confessions of a Malaysian Starbucks Barista
January 2007 Voters and Civil Discourse
May 2007 Our Greatest Poem
February 2007 Former Malaysian leader a poor choice for Nobel prize
April 2003 Playing The Religious Card
March 2003 Renouncing US Is Dishonest
February 2003 What Protestors Ignore
January 2003 Lose The Rhetoric
December 2002 Among The Holy Cows
November 2002 We Must Take Sides
October 2002 Silent All These Years
September 2002 City Of Dreams: New York! New York!
August 2002 A Few Confessions
July 2002 Is Uncle Sam Sleeping?
June 2002 Fake Diamonds At Dinner
May 2002 Apartheid Malaysia
May 2002 On Arranged Marriages
April 2002 Voices, Compass Launch New Year
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