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The Hindu and The Punk
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Set in the University of Missouri-Columbia The Hindu and The Punk is a long poem about life’s journeys, faith, and friendship. I wrote this poem as a reflection on a friendship struck up in the fall of 1982 when a Hindu (then myself) and a Punk (my American Catholic roommate from Chicago) meet. Our lives curiously intertwine and somehow it seems we become altered by tragedy and folded into a greater story by the Author of Beauty.
Clearing The Temple -isn't conversion simply hell?  - A reflection on the long, costly process of conversion, beginning as it were at the Hindu temple before the ‘gods’ with the fires of purification and ending “six yards is all I have for a poem.”
The Festival of Lights – refers to Deepavali/Diwali the Hindu festival that celebrates the triumph of good over evil. It is a dialogue between an 8 –year-old boy and his mother (former Hindus’) in response to a language arts assignment in a Colorado middle school.

Still Life of Asian Women – a poem that articulates the old fashion values of consecrated chastity, courage, common sense and purity. This poem is that irresistible retort from the lips of a woman to the pressures of the exaggerated/overt sexuality of contemporary American life.

These poems are set in Missouri and Colorado and recapture memories of religious and spiritual life in Malaysia and the ramifications of cultural conversion and assimilation into contemporary American, Western Christian culture.
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Poetry Chapbook: The Hindu and The Punk, by Anushka Anastasia Solomon