Anushka Anastasia Solomon
Malaysian-American (1963 - )


Anushka is author of three poetry chapbooks, Please, God, Don't Let Me Write Like A Woman, Finishing Line Press 2007, The Hindu and The Punk, Pudding House Press 2009 and The Buying, Babe, Is Good Only In America, Finishing Line Press 2011. She was born in Malaysia.

Education: B.A, Hampshire College, Amherst, Massachusetts. Anushka transferred from the University of Missouri-Columbia, School of Journalism to study poetry and creative writing with the late Jamaican poet laureate Prof. Andrew Salkey. After graduation from Hampshire College, Anushka returned to Malaysia and taught English and Critical Thinking at a Malay-Muslim only institution in Malaysia to America and Australia bound students. She also taught TOEFL and ESL to Malaysian Chinese, Indian and Malay students at Inti College.

Life: Anushka, her husband, Ben, and their son, David, fled Malaysia after their conversion to Christianity in 1998. Malaysia, her country of origin, (then 10th trading partner of the US, now 16th), is never far from her mind. She was a Compass/Colorado Voices Op-Ed columnist for The Denver Post (2002-2003) and continues to write free lance articles for The Denver Post, , Colorado Serenity, The Canyon Courier, Mountain Connection and other regional and national publications. Anushka was determined to live happily ever after with her family, friends, fellow poets, the elk, deer, fox, coyotes, birds and mountain lions in Evergreen, Colorado. Recent life events, however, have called her to what Pope John Paul II describes so poetically as an abandonment to God's will. So be it! Jeremiah 20:11.

"Do not abandon yourselves to despair, we are the Easter people and hallelujah is our song." -Pope John Paul 11

Poetry: Her poetry was read at the Edinburgh International Book Festival, Scotland, by Amnesty International, UK in 2007 (Imprisoned Writers/Women at Risk/ in Exile series). In 2008 she was featured as on one of the twelve international writers/journalists of the Heroes and Heroines Exhibition. The others, Cuban journalist, Pablo Pacheco Avila, Iranian Nobel Peace Prize winner 2003 Shirin Ebadi, Nigerian Chris Abani, novelist Arundhati Roy from India, Chinese journalist Shi Tao, Mexican journalist Lydia Cacho, Activist Wangari Maathai from Kenya, Anna Politkovskaya the Russian journalist who was murdered in 2006, Aung San Suu Kyi the imprisoned Burmese democratic leader, Iyad Hayatleh who is a Palestinian refugee writer in Scotland, and Woeser a Tibetan writer whose works have been banned in China.

In 2009, Anushka was one of the eight women (Anna Politkovskaya, Lydia Cacho, Shirin Ebadi, Arundhathi Roy, Wangari Maathai, Aung San Suu Kyi and Woeser) featured at the Glasgow Women's Library, International Heroines Exhibition for speaking up against human rights abuses in the face of repression. Scottish writer A. L Kennedy read excerpts of the women's work. Anushka's poem Of The Indian I Am Not, written in early 1985 as part of her Division 111 exam at Hampshire College, Amherst, Mass. was read at the Edinburgh International Book Festival, 2009.

Christian Song Lyrics: Anushka's first song, Jesus Is The Roof Over My Head/Jesus Is The Rock Under My Feet © 2010 was inspired as she stood at the kitchen sink of her Evergreen, Colorado home, washing the breakfast dishes. The lyrics floated into her head and came out as song, so she interrupted this activity to rush upstairs to her writing room to write the words down. Later, her artist/musician friends, Ken and Joanna Zeromski,set it to music. She has since written more lyrics.

Poems: The Hindu and The Punk, Pudding House Press, 2009,
Cover Art by Colorado Artist Ken Zeromski

Poems: Please, God, Don't Let Me Write Like A Woman, Finishing Line Press, 2007
Cover Photo by Minnesota Artist Marilyn Jolly

Poems: The Buying, Babe, Is Good Only in America, Finishing Line Press, 2011
Cover Art by Colorado Artist Ken Zeromski

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